"Carol and I want to tell you how much we have enjoyed working together with you as we plan for the wedding reception in the back yard of our home for the wedding of our son this fall. This is our first major party experience and you have made it so incredibly easy and fun. Your experience, your enthusiasm, and the quality of your advice have just been outstanding. I can't imagine doing this with anyone else. Each time we have visited the Peterson showroom, you greet us with an infectious enthusiasm that sets a tone that is just right. Along the way, you know just how to give us suggestions that help us see what is possible and where to avoid mistakes. You never impose your ideas on us and have been very careful to let us think about our preferences before making any comments. When we do ask for your suggestions, they are invariably tasteful and on point. From colors to quality; from dish selections to chairs; from practical to creative, your ideas bring a spark that enlivens our whole experience. You keep us from creating a wedding reception that feels like it would have been ok 40 years ago by sharing your ideas about what is popular now with people the age of our son and his bride. You have been cost conscious and made a number of suggestions about where and how to keep this under control, and by illustrating design ideas with sources from low cost suppliers you help us create a beautiful result without a stratospheric budget. With just a month to go until the wedding, we are so much more relaxed because we know this part of the reception is completely under control and as you coordinate with the caterer, it will just help them do a better job for us too." - Bob C. 9/5/15


"Picking a wedding venue that I was not able to decorate myself was a large stress factor when it came to planning and thinking about my wedding. Being very type A and knowing I like things a certain way I was afraid to put the power into someone else's hands. However, Gina was absolutely amazing. She met with me a few days prior to my wedding and discussed all of my expectations. She sincerely wanted to help make my day perfect and it was obvious in the way she discussed my plans and asked questions. Gina left me feeling so comfortable that my venue would look perfect and she would safely deliver all the items that I never worried again. I cannot thank Gina again for the amazing work she did at my wedding. She showed up 3 hours prior to my reception and decorated the entire time. It was clear she was proud of her work and wanted to take the time and effort into making the venue perfect. Thanks to Gina my husband and I had a dream wedding that went off without a hitch!" -Shannon D. 3/22/16